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Our Past Litters

Cherished Memories: Our Past Litters' Adorable Stars Await You!


Welcome to our "Past Litters" page, a heartwarming collection of cherished memories and delightful companions who have found their forever homes. Here, we celebrate the adorable puppies from our previous litters, and we are thrilled to introduce you to the stars of our most recent litter born on May 27th, 2023.


Each of these lovable Golden Retriever puppies was carefully raised on our farm, surrounded by love and affection from the very beginning. They have been nurtured with utmost care, fostering their unique personalities and ensuring they are well-socialized, confident, and ready to bring joy to their new families.


We take immense pride in knowing that our past litters have become beloved family members, filling homes with love, laughter, and endless wagging tails. On this page, you'll find captivating pictures of these adorable pups, showcasing their irresistible charm and boundless energy.


At Gilfillan Farm Raised Golden Retrievers, we believe in fostering lifelong connections with our adoptive families. We invite you to explore our past litters and witness the happiness they have brought to their new families. As you browse through their heartwarming images, we hope you'll be inspired to envision the joy a Golden Retriever can bring to your life.

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To join our mailing list or inquire about our future litters, simply contact us through our website or reach out via email or phone. We're excited to connect with you and help you find your perfect furry family member.

Thank you for visiting our "Past Litters" page, and we look forward to welcoming you into our extended family of Golden Retriever enthusiasts.

Past Litter Born May 27th 2023

Farm raised Golden Retriever puppies born on May 27th 2023 in Barnet, Vermont

Golden Retriever Litter, born on May 27th  

Welcoming a new litter of puppies, born on May 27, 2023. At a tender age of two weeks, as of June 15, 2023, they are beginning to explore the world with their eyes just opening. Despite their young age, their vocal strength is undeniable, particularly noticeable during mealtimes, as they each assertively claim their share of mother's nourishment. To enhance their growth, we will soon introduce puppy formula supplementing their diet, thus encouraging independent feeding and gradual weaning off mother's milk. Among the litter is a charming little male, the smallest, yet arguably the most adorable. Displaying a feisty spirit, he navigates his world of eight siblings with determination, guaranteeing to bring smiles and steal hearts. Stay tuned for more delightful pictures.

Green Boy Golden Retriever Puppy ADOPTED

I love to play outside on the farm. I am adopted. If you want to adopt one of my Brothers!, click below. 

Vermont AKC Golden Retriever Puppy

Black Boy Golden Retriever Puppy


I’m a loyal companion. I like to eat and play. If you want to adopt me, click below.

Pink Girl Golden Retriever Puppy


I am so cute and I love cuddling. I was adopted!  If you want to adopt one of my brothers, click below. 

Purple Boy Golden Retriever Puppy


I’m a playful puppy. I like to cuddle and explore. So, I was adopted by a loving family! If you want to adopt one of my brothers, click below.

Blue Boy Golden Retriever Puppy Adopted

I am adopted! If you want to adopt one of my brothers, click below. 

Vermont AKC Golden Retriever Puppy

Orange Girl

Golden Retriever


Look at how cute I am. I may be the cutest puppy in the litter. If you want to adopt me, click below.

Red Girl Golden Retriever Puppy


Beautiful, fun and playful. I have already been adopted. However, if you want to adopt one of my brothers, click below. 

Light Blue Boy Golden Retriever 


Fun, playful, cute and I smell like a puppy. But, I am already adopted, If you want to adopt one of my brothers!, click below.

Vermont AKC Golden Retriever Puppy

Yellow Boy Golden Retriever Puppy


I am a farm raised Golden Retriever puppy. I am adopted! If you want to adopt  one of my brothers!, click below. 

Prospective parents can inspect and select puppies from July 7th, with their new family members ready to depart for their new homes on July 21st. Secure your desired puppy with a $200 non-refundable deposit (cash, check, or Venmo), guaranteeing your selection. In case the transaction doesn't reach completion, the deposit can be transferred towards a future litter. Complete the application to join the prospective parents list, with selection following the order of the list. The remainder of the purchase price is due upon pickup, with your puppy ready to embark on their new journey.

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