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Each of our Golden Retriever puppies is a bundle of joy, full of energy, and ready to explore the world around them. They are farm-raised with plenty of room to romp and play. Being socialized from a young age, our puppies are friendly, confident, and have well-rounded personalities. Below is our current list of available puppies to find your perfect new companion.

These Farm Raised Golden Retriever Puppies, born on December 1st, 2023, have been adopted!

Charcoal Grey_ Male Golden Retriever Puppy


Charcoal Grey: Male Golden Retriever Puppy

Introducing a golden retriever puppy that epitomizes loyalty and companionship during the colder Vermont months. Always excited to greet you with warmth and affection, this pup is a true friend through every season. If a faithful companion is what you seek, click below to adopt!

Black Turquoise Diamond_ Male Golden Retriever Puppy


Black Turquoise Diamond: Male Golden Retriever Puppy

Discover the calming presence of this gentle golden retriever puppy. Perfect for peaceful days in, this pup enjoys relaxed environments and offers a comforting companionship during the quieter winter months. Looking for a serene and gentle friend? Click below to adopt!

Black Stripe_ Male Golden Retriever Puppy


Black Stripe: Male Golden Retriever Puppy

Embrace the adventurous spirit of this golden retriever puppy, who thrives in Vermont's winter landscape. With a love for exploring the outdoors, regardless of the chill, this pup is full of energy and joy. If you're looking for a lively and adventurous companion, click below to adopt!

Blue Grey Diamond_ Female Golden Retriever Puppy


Blue Grey Diamond: Female Golden Retriever Puppy

Meet our heartwarming golden retriever, the embodiment of coziness during Vermont's colder months. This puppy loves snuggling after a brisk walk and radiates happiness, bringing warmth to every room. Ready to add a ray of sunshine to your home this winter? Click below to adopt!

Gold Circle_ Female Golden Retriever Puppy_edited.jpg


Gold Circle:  Female Golden Retriever Puppy

Get to know this playful golden retriever puppy, a bundle of joy and energy perfect for lifting spirits during the colder days in Vermont. Always ready for indoor play and fun, this pup's cheerful nature is infectious. If playful energy is what you're after, click below to bring this delightful puppy home!

Blue and Red Starburst_ Male Golden Retriever Puppy


Blue and Red Starburst: Male Golden Retriever Puppy

Meet our curious golden retriever puppy, a little explorer who's not deterred by the chilly Vermont weather. Always eager for new experiences and learning, this pup is ideal for those who love discovering life's joys, no matter the season. Ready for an adventure with this inquisitive soul? Click below to adopt!

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