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Parent Dogs

Meet our proud AKC registered parent dogs! Every one of our adult Golden Retrievers is a valued member of the Gilfillan family. They enjoy the run of the farm, plenty of fresh air, and are given the best care possible. Below, you can meet our parent dogs, and get to know more about their lineage, temperament, and health information. 

Embrace the joy of welcoming an energetic, healthy, and vibrant farm-raised Vermont Golden Retriever puppy from our loving abode.


Every single puppy under our care is showered with attention and love, nurtured within the cozy confines of our home. Our puppies, bursting with energy and brimming with sociability, undergo their initial veterinary 'well puppy' appointment, ensuring their health is paramount. With all essential vaccinations and de-worming processes administered at 4, 6, and 8 weeks, our fur babies, adorned with velvety soft fur, are ready to win your hearts.


The dam, a gorgeous mahogany red Golden from Maine, and the sire, a majestic white English Cream Golden from Vermont, together, give birth to a captivating litter of deep golden puppies with soft hair highlights. Now available for viewing and selection, these puppies will be ready to join their forever homes on July 26. To accommodate convenience, virtual viewings via Facetime are also available.

Carrying forward our 15-year legacy of breeding Golden Retrievers in Lake Tahoe, California, we've been delicately crafting our lineage of Golden puppies in Vermont for the past four years. Our current resident pair includes a male English Cream Golden Retriever (ECGR) and a female Mahogany Golden Retriever, producing beautiful golden offspring, raised in the loving environment of our home. The parents are OFA certified, ensuring genetic health.

Prospective parents can inspect and select puppies from July 7th, with their new family members ready to depart for their new homes on July 21st. Secure your desired puppy with a $200 non-refundable deposit (cash, check, or Venmo), guaranteeing your selection. In case the transaction doesn't reach completion, the deposit can be transferred towards a future litter.


Complete the application to join the prospective parents list, with selection following the order of the list. The remainder of the purchase price is due upon pickup, with your puppy ready to embark on their new journey.


As devoted breeders recognized by AKC, we uphold the principles of dedication and responsibility. We urge all future puppy owners to diligently research and prepare with pertinent questions for the breeder. Ensure you're not just choosing the right breed, but also sourcing it from a responsible breeder.

Meet our sire, Powder Chowder, hailing from New England's heart - Bristol, Vermont. Born on December 30, 2019, Powder Chowder showcases the exquisite beauty of English Crème Golden Retrievers with his luxuriant, soft, white curly coat and magnificent plume-like tail. His upbringing in Vermont's idyllic Northeast Kingdom, within a spacious 28-acre farm enveloped by lush meadows and sprawling forests, has shaped his robust health and adventurous spirit. With a profound love for swimming, he never misses a chance to plunge into our tranquil pond. His sweet, calm, and gentle disposition echoes the endearing qualities of a therapy dog, embodying love and companionship.

Introducing our cherished dam, Laydee Bird, a striking American Mahogany Golden, boasting a stunning, velvety, dark red coat. Like Chowder, Laydee was nurtured in the picturesque landscapes of the Northeast Kingdom on our spacious 28-acre Vermont farm. She embodies the nurturing spirit, dedicating herself to her puppies with meticulous attention and devotion. A sports dog at heart, Laydee exhibits a keen sense of smell and an innate drive for seeking potential prey. Embodying harmony, both Laydee and Chowder enjoy a warm friendship with our five cats, willingly sharing meals, resting spots, and boundless affection.

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